So you want a Tea-cup Size Pomeranian?
Is the Pomeranian Puppy a miniature , teacup , a pocket , a teacup pom or a Toy Pomeranian?
WE DO NOT Sell or Breed Teacup, Tiny Teacup, Micro Mini, Tiny Toy, Toy, Pocket Size, Itty Bitty, Miniature,
Pocket Pup, or any other name that has been come up with and placed on a Pomeranian to make it sound rare.

We breed Pomeranians to the official AKC Breed Standard. The Standard does not categorize the Pomeranian by
size. For the purpose of showing and record keeping, the American Kennel Club includes the Pomeranian (along
with 20 other breeds) in the Toy Group. Therefore, irrespective of their weight or physical stature, all Pomeranian
registered with AKC are considered to be a toy breed of dog.

Pomeranian Breed Standard

We occasionally get some that are going to stay very small, under the 4 pound range, but we never classify them
as rare, exceptional, hard to come by or slap a label on them to promote the idea of something special.   Each and
everyone one of our Pomeranian’s is special all on its own.  They do not need a fancy label.   

Most of our puppies when full grown are between 3  to 7  lbs., but occasionally we will get some that are between
2  to 3  lbs, that are just genetically small.   We do not intentionally breed to get the 2 lb. Pomeranian, due to the
fact they do seem to have Health Issues!, you will have problems with:

Open Font- A slight opening on top of their head
Patella- Bad knees
Low Blood Sugar- some will develop  Hypoglycemia

If we do get a teenie tiny Pom, before we advertise it, we make sure that it passes all Vet health check, to make sure
that they are healthy before going to their new home!
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